Universal synchronicities and a good friend drew me back across Florida to the place I originally discovered my passion, the same place Kaite calls home. Towards the end of a vacation in the Florida Keys, Kaite and I met spontaneously. Within minutes we witnessed our future paths dancing, aligning ceremoniously to the tunes of passion for adventure and the pursuit of balance. We spent 10 hours on a "carpe diem' escapade that day. And although we were soon cast 10 hours apart, we began emerging indefinitely in spirit. 

Now, Kaite and I have overcome the distance gap and have turned our passions into professions. Photography has had a monumental impact on both of our lives. It serves as a conduit to explore the depths of our inner selves as well as a language to share our experiences with others. In our art, we look to balance our talents and creativity to turn impassioned moments into infinite keepsakes, to inspire others to follow their imaginations, and to live boldly.