We're Headed to the PNW!

WOW! This year has been crazy!

We have been pulled in so many directions and have so much going on that we have neglected to write for nearly 10 months! Yikes. Well, it is a fresh start moving forward and we are stoked on our future plans! From now on, we will be writing, adventuring, inspiring, creating and sharing much more! Follow along and you will get to see inside looks from all of our adventures ranging from travel, landscapes, behind the scenes portrait sessions, and everything else! We will do our best to inspire, teach, and entertain you as the doofy, photography-crazed couple that we are.

Florida Keys Gradient Sails

So, what's new?

Well in just 7 days... we are flying to Portland, Oregon! From there? We're buying a tiny home and never coming back! Kidding… Maybe ;) This is both Kaite & I’s first trip to the Pacific Northwest and we are as giddy as ever. So what’s on the list? Well, we may be hiking through the dense fern forests of Gifford Pinchot, meandering through mountaintop meadows on Mount Rainier, swimming in the turquoise pools of the McKenzie River, and star gazing among the craggy sea stacks of multiple West Coast beaches! But we have 3 whole weeks!

As dreamy and idyllic as the location seems, what’s important is that we will be spending time and doing the things we love together - creating and exploring. And truthfully, if we get out there and the weather turns to crap, we will be merry & have plenty of fun regardless. Thus I’m sure we will have plenty of stories to share.

For this trip, we have partnered with some amazing people and awesome companies! We are working with Wonderland Expeditions, a 4 x 4 camper truck rental company based out of Portland. So, this guy will be our home for 21 days:


How sweet is that?! Ryan and Dore of Wonderland Expeditions are incredibly awesome people and we can’t wait to meet them. They have already been a huge help in answering all of our questions and preparing our travel plans. They have no idea how much they have inspired us by simply partnering with us for this trip. We are beyond stoked to create some unique and inspiring content for them in return!

We are also very excited to be able to say - for the first time ever - we have been sponsored by Xero Shoes, Forsake, and Boulder Denim! On this 21 day escapade we will be showcasing and testing some sweet outdoor gear which we will tell you more about later!

So what can you expect from us the next 3 weeks? Lots of stories & pictures like the ones below! We have made some exciting new investments too, so more creativity to come!

If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we will be posting often! Like, share, and comment! Heck, send us an email, tell us about a pristine hidden gem out west that we can’t miss. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!