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Individual • Senior • Small Family • Maternity • Couple

Package Options

(Up to 6 People)


10 photos - $250
15 photos - $345
20 photos - $445
25 photos - $505

30 photos - $600

*Beyond or between photo packages, each additional image is $22.
*All photo packages are subject to service tax.

Coverage includes a 30 - 60 minute photo session, professionally edited & retouched digital images, and a private gallery to print, share, and save all of your photos!

Large Family Group

Package Options

(7 People Or More)


10 photos: $305
15 photos: $405
20 photos: $520
25 photos: $625
35 photos: $785
50 Photos: $1050

*Beyond each photo package, each additional image is $25.
*All photo packages are subject to service tax.

*$100 fee for groups of 12 or more

Coverage includes a professional photographer, a 45 - 75 minute photo session, professionally edited & retouched digital images, and a private gallery to print, share, and save all of your photos!

 How Our Sessions Work

Before your session tell us about you and/or your family! If there are any specific requests or ideas you would like to pull off this is the time to share and be involved! We will follow-up with planning and booking a date accordingly!


After your session, we will provide you with a shareable link to an online proofing gallery. Here, you will select your favorite images from the shoot. This is ultimately where you will decide how many images you would like to purchase! Once you have finished selecting your favorite images, we will send you an online invoice for the total.


We will then begin adding our final touches to the images you have chosen to purchase. After payment has been received, we will email you a link to your private gallery with the final images within a week. In your final gallery, you will be able to download, save, print, and share all of your photos!


*We do not charge sitting fees, session fees or proofing fees and we would be happy to provide you with a print release upon request as well!


We offer professional quality photo, canvas, metal, and mounted prints at great prices with a seamless and intuitive design!




4x6 - $2

5x7 - $3

8x10 - $5

11x14 - $9

12x18 - $13

16x20 - $28

20x30 - $53

30x40 - $89

8x10 - $34

10x10 - $44

11x14 - $50

12x18 - $69

16x24 - $121

20x30 - $165

24x36 - $260

30x40 - $293

8x10 - $70

11x14 - $87

12x12 - $88

16x24 - $141

20x20 - $142

20x30 - $182

24x36 - $231

30x40 - $291

We offer many more sizes not listed!

There are two types of finishes for photo paper, Pearl & Deep Matte.

Pearl is a high quality gloss finish with a distinctive pearl-like appearance. Ideal for professional applications such as commercial, fashion and portrait photography.

Deep Matte is a true non-reflective matte with warm whites and a super smooth finish. It’s unique lusterless surface provides elegant color reproduction with subtlety and warmth. Great for skin tones, soft images, and black and whites.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we split the cost of packages?

A: Absolutely! Any package/photo amount can be split among families & individuals! Simply sign in to the proofing gallery using your email address and create a favorites list of your own. Once, you're done selecting your favorites, let us know! 

Q: How will we be charged after splitting the cost of images?

A: We will give you the best deal possible, billing you as a collective group based on the total number of images purchased.

Example:  If two families who were shot together as a Large Group Family and one family chose 8 images and another 12, then we will bill each family accordingly at the cost per image based on the 20 photo package.

Q: What if multiple families choose the same photo?

A: We simply split the cost of that image however many times it was chosen! We never double charge per image. 

Example: If 3 families chose the same photo. The price each family pays is 1/3 the cost per image based on the amount of photos chosen collectively. 

Q: Can we print through another company?

A: Of course! We don't force you to print with us and we are happy to give you a print release form upon request!

Q: How much do we owe you at the shoot?

A: Nothing! There is no upfront cost for booking a session! We will bill you via an online invoice once you have chosen your favorite proofs from the session! Cash tips are always welcomed but not necessary. 

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