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Patterson Family | Hawks Cay Photographer | Duck Key Photographer

"We had a wonderful experience with Folland photography. They met us at our resort (hawks cay) which made photographing with a 3 and 5 year old significantly more accommodating. The kids warmed up immediately and I am shocked at how many wonderful photos we were able to get in a quick 30 (ish) minutes. Not only did they serve as our photographer but also our tour guides (joking but not really) - she told us about all the best parks, restaurants, and things to do as a family with young children. Can’t wait to see these photos displayed in our family room." -Jessie Patterson

We are so much more than photographers! We LOVE making sure our clients have the best experience possible not only during our session but during their stay. We love giving our favorite recommendations for the area. Some of our favorite trips we have taken are the ones where the locals made us feel welcome and gave us great recommendations. If you would like any recommendations from us please reach out!

Contact us to book your family session! We would love to hear from you!


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