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Editing Style 

What is a Proof?

Proofs are what we send you 10-12 days after the session. These images have been cropped, color corrected, and properly exposed. Here are a few examples of an unedited photo compared to a proof. The unedited image is on the left and the proof is on the right. 

What is a final edit?

Final edits are done to any photos selected for the photo package option or for additional edits when purchasing the entire gallery as is. These images receive further editing such as skin smoothing, fly away hairs, and minor background distractions. Here are a few examples of a proof compared to a final edit. The proof is on the left and the final edit is on the right. 

The biggest difference is that the final edits looks like a more polished version of a proof. Final edits are not always necessary, more so a personal preference. Some final edits will have more noticeable differences than others as seen above.


If you choose to buy the proofing gallery as is, it allows you to have access to the entire gallery without having to pay for all of the images to be final edited. You also still have the option for images to receive additional edits for $20 per/image. It gives you the best of both worlds.


If you are still unsure about the difference between proofs and finals, have any additional questions, or are unsure about which option to choose please reach out to us! We are happy to help!

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