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9 Helpful Tips For Our Families

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

We have compiled a list of tips that will help make the most of our Florida Keys Family Photography Sessions!

Family Portraits With The Hamner Family

1. Bring candy and toys along for the little ones!

Kids LOVE rewards! So, to keep them cheery and occupied, we suggest bringing their favorite toy and sweets along for the fun! Kids love music too! It is so much fun capturing kids when they break out into a full-on dance-off haha!

2. Leave the heels, fancy shoes, and socks behind!

That's right! You've come to the Florida Keys! We're going to immerse you in all of the beauty we have to offer! That means you might get sandy, wet, or grassy! Not only do bare feet look more natural, but by metaphorically taking off the business, you're more apt for fun!

3. If you sweat a lot, wear solids!

We're in the most southern part of the United States; it's hot! Don't worry, we're conscious of this and we're going to do everything we can to keep you comfortable. However, if you know you're going to sweat a lot, wear solids! That way we can edit it out later in Photoshop. Otherwise, crazy patterns are impossible to work with when it comes to removing sweat. If you're looking for Best Things To Wear For Florida Keys Family Portraits, check out our Blog!

4. Let us know about unique family dynamics and disabilities ahead of time!

We all have unique family dynamics and sometimes our relatives are just here to hang out! That's no problem; just let us know! We'll make sure to put Uncle Ben to work entertaining the kids when he's not in the photos ;) Also, disabilities: please let us know of any disabilities as early as possible. This will allow us to choose the best location, prepare for the session, and make the proper accommodations. We will do everything we can to work with you on making sure everyone in your family is involved!

5. Show up with an open mind!

We will never purposefully cross your barriers or embarrass anyone at a shoot! However, our job is to evoke and capture emotion because ultimately that's what empowers memories. So, join us with that in mind. We'll get creative, silly, and intimate at times, but if it's ever too much don't hesitate to tell us because we are happy and trained to work around it!

6. Browse our work and tell us what you love!

Feel free to stalk us! We are not only flattered by it but we love when families browse our content and let us know what they love about our images! Don't be afraid to introduce screen shots and ideas to us at the session.

7. When it's windy, up-dos and braids are a game-changer!

Certain times of year, especially in the winter months, the Keys are known to be windy! That's okay, we can work around it! However, we really don't want carpal tunnel syndrome at this age and editing those flyaway hairs are to blame if it develops! So please, if you can and we warn you about the wind, consider braids and buns and we'll do our best to find a spot where you can let that hair down and show off your flowy locks!

8. Most importantly, be yourself!

Don't be afraid to get silly or weird and interact with each other! Throw your kids around, run with them, hug on each other and express all of the love and happiness you feel! Some of our best work is simply just being there to capture you in the moment, being you, interacting with the ones you love! It's super cheesy, but also very true.

9. It's just a camera and we're just people!

Often times the camera can be intimidating and we're all so worried about what other people might think. However, It's not like that! First of all, we have seen it all and we do this for a living! Really, that thought has inspired me to write another post for you about the best stories we have from this wonderful endeavor - but, seriously, spend enough time with us and you'll see that we aren't "normal" and we don't care to be! We will never judge you and we hope you won't judge us as well! We're just here to share laughs and capture the fun so try your best to get out of your shell and let your personality shine!


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