Best Things To Wear For Florida Keys Family Portraits

Updated: Jan 11

Keep It Simple

The most important things to keep in mind when choosing your outfits and color schemes for Florida Keys Family Portraits are comfort, confidence, and YOU! Wear something comfortable that you can move in! We like to incorporate fun and energy into our photos and we want you to be able to laugh and play with your family. This also means wearing layers during the cooler months and windy days. We highly recommend wearing something you feel confident in as well. The camera can already be intimidating for some, so wear what makes you feel like your best self. Most importantly, choose a style that exemplifies you! Family portraits are not the best time to try something new and out of the box to see how you look. Wearing something that says YOU will look natural in the camera. This is crucial because it ensures both comfort and confidence too! Feel free to adds pops of color, pattern, or accessories that are fresh and exciting; just don't overdo it!


We like to first start by building a base of neutrals to work off of. Incorporating neutrals is the safest, best bet when caught in a pinch. Best neutrals for the Florida Keys are khaki variations, whites, tans, grays, and splashes of blacks for added contrast.

From there, integrating the colors of nature around you works great! For our Florida Keys Family Portrait Sessions, the best pop colors to incorporate are derived from our tropical scenery. Use blues, tans, yellows, orange, and greens to compliment the seas, skies, beach, sun, and palm trees! Add a pop of reds, pinks, and corals to really draw attention! Here are some sample color schemes we love for Florida Keys Family Portraits!

1. Navy & Coral

2. Tan & Yellow

3. White & Red

4. Teal & Pink 5. Gray & Green/Yellow

Mix it up! Guys can wear neutrals & navy and ladies can wear whites and corals! The important thing to remember is that the brightest colors are going to draw the most attention. So pops of color work great, but too much of any stand-out color takes away from the beautiful scenery around you.


Keep it clean and simple! Avoiding loud and complex patterns is best. Flowers, chevron, and stripes are all great, but not too much. We don't want complex patterns to take away the attention from you, our subject. If you choose to wear patterns, have your spouse or kids wear something more plain to balance!


Accessories are a great touch and can really bring photos to life! Clothing and accessories that catch the wind look amazing and add a great energy to the photos too! Beach hats, jewelry, beach towels, etc are all good with us!

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